Welcome To ShrinkRapt 2019 – Part 1


Welcome to ShrinkRapt 2019!  

We are thrilled to announce the launch of ShrinkRapt 2019.  This major release is chock-full of so many enhancements and new features that one blog post is not enough to cover them. With that being said, lets take a look and discover some of what ShrinkRapt 2019 has in-store for you:

  • ICD 10 Update: you are required to use the 2019 version of the codes for visits occurring on and after October 1st.
  • A Bigger View: the navigation window can be expanded to fill your entire screen providing you more information in a single view.
  • Faster: the navigation window now offers direct access to lists of all your patient information at lighting speed.
  • Medicare Number: a small but critical change, there is now a location in the patient record to enter this number.
  • Enhanced Patient Record Management: keep your patient list current using the new activate and deactivate methods.  Quickly review each patient’s full record without returning to the patient list.

ShrinkRapt 2019 brings a completely redesigned look and feel that offers greater functionality with more speed.  It is faster, makes records more accessible and is more refined.  Said another way,  you get more in less time.

ICD 10 Update

The first time you open ShrinkRapt 2019, the ICD codes in your program will automatically be updated.  New codes will be added, revisions will be made to existing codes that have changes to their description and codes that are no longer valid will be excluded from the 2019 code list.

A Bigger View

The navigation window can now be expanded to fill your entire monitor. In the full screen view you can see more information in each of the lists.  The video below shows how to expand and reduce the size of the list.


Lists can quickly be switched to view information for a single patient, the last 12 months or everything you have ever entered.  When the navigation page first opens you will see the patient list on the left and the visit list on the the right.  The visit list displays all visits for the last 12 months sorted with the most current at the top.  In the next video we show how to:

  1. Select visits for a specific patient.
  2. View more lists for the patient, such as payments, visit notes, contact events, treatment plans, medications, scanned documents and insurance authorizations.
  3. Return to a list of visits for all patients, sorted by most current date first.

Medicare Number

Medicare began replacing insurance cards last April and will have replaced all cards by April 2019.  Starting April 1, 2019 the new number can be used on insurance claims and it will be required starting January 1st, 2020.

Keep Your Patient List Current

Have you been less than vigilant in keeping your patient list current? Now it’s super easy to activate and deactivate patient records. In the sample video below we show how to to:

  1. Identify patients not seen in a long time using the sort by last visit feature.
  2. Move them to the deactivated list and adjust any balance due to zero.
  3. Reactivate the patient record if they return to therapy.

And Patient Records Up-To-Date

The patient record window has been updated to be larger, more refined and easier to access.  In this next video we demonstrate:

  1. Opening a patient record.
  2. Selecting the insurance page.
  3. Moving to each of the records in the list using the arrow buttons (or keys).

Ready To Start?

Ready to get started with ShrinkRapt 2019?  If you have already subscribed to the ShrinkRapt monthly plan, you can use your subscription link to download the upgrade.  If you have not yet subscribed,  go to the Shop menu at the top of this page and signup now.  After paying, you will receive a link to download and starting using ShrinkRapt 2019 immediately.

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