Printing a daily or weekly appointment schedule

We all love our electronic devices, but sometimes a paper schedule or list is just more useful. The most recent ShrinkRapt update offers a new horizontal layout for printing a weekly schedule with enough room to display up to 30 appointment times for each day. This is the layout you will want to use if … Continue reading Printing a daily or weekly appointment schedule

Create Default Schedule

This blog post describes how to enter a default work schedule for each day of the week.  Once a schedule is entered, the appointment times will automatically be added when you choose a day in the calendar. Follow the steps below to setup your default work schedule.   Choose Practitioner from the Setup Menu.Click the check box next to the days … Continue reading Create Default Schedule

Tracking Insurance Claims

ShrinkRapt 2019 simplifies insurance tracking, making it easy to see when you were paid, how much you were paid and what has not been paid. Below are some  tips to help keep track of paid and unpaid insurance claims. Viewing Visits Submitted For Insurance Payment When you print or submit claims electronically, ShrinkRapt date stamps … Continue reading Tracking Insurance Claims

Keeping It Simple With Client Balance Only Statements

Simple is usually the most effective way to communicate anything.  With ShrinkRapt's client balance only statements, you can easily communicate to your patient exactly what they need to pay.  This statement shows no insurance information, but if they only have a co-pay, they probably don't care. In this blog post we will discuss: How to … Continue reading Keeping It Simple With Client Balance Only Statements

You asked – We Listened – We Acted

In our last blog post we asked if you wanted to see a balance next to the patient's name on the patient list even if they were not the responsible party.  You responded "yes". An update will be available later today that adds this feature.  In addition, we have highlighted the balance in red to … Continue reading You asked – We Listened – We Acted

Part 3 – ShrinkRapt 2019 – Getting the Most From the People Lists

People lists and how to use them most efficiently is the focus of today's blog post. When the Home page first opens, a list of patients is displayed. The list is sorted by last name with columns that show the balance owed and the date of the patient's last visit. There are five different lists … Continue reading Part 3 – ShrinkRapt 2019 – Getting the Most From the People Lists

Part 2 – ShrinkRapt 2019 Upgrade

In part two of this blog series describing the features in ShrinkRapt 2019 we will talk more about the new and improved navigation page.  There are now ten lists of information for each patient or time period on the navigation page.  These lists provide a a great deal of information, readily available to you as … Continue reading Part 2 – ShrinkRapt 2019 Upgrade

Medicare Claim Date Changes

Some medicare claim processors have started rejecting paper claims that have the year in dates formatted as two digits instead of four (18 vs 2018).  Currently ShrinkRapt prints dates according to the NUCC instructions which calls for a two digit year in area 24. Later this week we will release an update to ShrinkRapt 2019 … Continue reading Medicare Claim Date Changes