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ShrinkRapt is a complete billing, insurance and EMR program.  Check out all the features below.


Good software is all about viewing and adding the information you need quickly.  ShrinkRapt’s navigation screen does exactly that.


Medical Record

The patient record has five pages of information for each patient.  How much information you keep is up to you. Watch the slide show below to view each of the pages.

Patient Billing

Patient statements can be emailed or printed to paper and customized to present the image you want for your practice and provide your patients with the information they need.   There are several styles of statement layouts to choose from including using pre-printed forms (optional) available from Saner Software.  Statements can include all the information needed for a patient submit their own insurance claims if that is not a service you provide.  A payment receipt can be printed to give to the patient as they leave which will include all the information they need to submit their own insurance claim.

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can be printed on paper using the CMS 1500 form or submitted electronically.

Claims List

Reports and Tracking

ShrinkRapt offers management reports to track insurance payments, patient balances, authorizations, referral sources and custom reporting capabilities.

Scanned Documents

Scanned documents can be stored in each patient record eliminating the need for paper files.

Scanned Documents


The scheduler is fully integrated with the billing and insurance parts of ShrinkRapt. The Day Sheet is used to create a list of patients seen during a day.  As you enter a patient’s name, ShrinkRapt looks up and automatically fills in the fee, payment, and adjustment amounts (you can change the amounts). You can also change other visit information, such as CPT code, by double clicking on the patient name in the list. At day’s end, you will click the Process button, ShrinkRapt handles the rest, automatically creating visit, payment, and adjustment records. Your schedule can be viewed by day, week or month.

Therapy Notes

Enter notes directly into ShrinkRapt so they are associated with the patient and visit entry.   A full list of session notes can reviewed by highlighting a patient name in the list and clicking the notes tab at the top of the patient list.  Included is a built-in spell checker.

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